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Comprehensive Package

PanoHealth’s flagship service tests 1,000 biomarkers characterized in your blood to provide you with the world’s most comprehensive real-time assessment. The report generated is a detailed summary of your biomarker profile as it pertains to various areas of human physiology.

Healthy Weight Loss

Use 17 protein biomarkers to monitor your weight loss patterns and determine how your diet and exercise plan is affecting your body from the inside.


Use 20 protein biomarkers to monitor patterns of inflammation which can ensure the positive benefits repair of muscle damage, development of stronger muscle fibers, and resistance to future muscle damage are realized and that the occurrence and negative effects of chronic inflammation are reduced.

Injury Recovery

Use 18 protein biomarkers to get a better indication of your recovery status, monitoring recovery periods and intensity of training sessions to ensure that you recover as fast as possible.


Use 12 protein biomarkers longitudinally to detect overtraining in the early stages when it can be fixed and help you determine the appropriate amount of rest you need in relation to the intensity of your training.


Use 20 protein biomarkers as indicators that you are getting the most out of your efforts, allowing you to change your performance from good to great.

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